Join our paid influencer program in just 3 Steps

If you are an Influencer and looking for a brand deal, here is our irresistible offer:
Promote our free app Smatched once and benefit for a lifetime from the users you attract – with no further effort.

Available on iOS and Android.

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Transparent and easy payment

You can transparently check your earnings within our app and can easily cash them out whenever you want.

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Huge gains for your followers

The users you acquire will also benefit from your promotion by getting a large one-time payment.

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Long-term benefits from an one-time effort

Once you have acquired users you will earn 10% of their gains in the Smatched app – without further effort.

How will I earn promoting Smatched?

10% of all the earnings by everyone you invited!

Illustrative example: You invited 100 users that each earn 5 € on a particular day. You would gain 50 € on that single day.

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How it works

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Install Smatched

Go to the iOS AppStore or Google PlayStore, download the Smatched app for free, and create your account.

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Start promoting

When promoting Smatched on your social channels, the users you invite simply have to name you when installing the app.

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Make cash

Once users have registered via your invitation, you can lean back and wait for your earnings to accumulate.

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This is Smatched

At Smatched, it is our mission to create a platform that provides people the tools to benefit from their data’s value – in a fair and transparent way. In our app, you are able to make money by completing surveys or rating ads.