Don’t Lose Valuable Users to Paywalls

Metered paywalls have an average conversion rate of just 0.36% of registered users. Don’t let ‘willingness to pay’ rob you of your revenue potential.

There’s no greater friction than making people take out their credit cards

Brian Morrissey – Former Editor & Chief of Digiday 
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Smatched Provides An Alternative Subscription Model

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Paywalls are a great revenue option for many businesses but unfortunately, making users pay means your revenue potential is capped.

❝ Give your users a choice and open up a second road to revenue ❞

What if your users could earn their way past a paywall without having to open their wallet?

A Unique Way to Increase Business Revenue

With Smatched, businesses now gain an added revenue generation model without lifting a finger. Neither you nor your user needs to take out their credit card…

How it works

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We customise and link a web-app to your platform that can integrate seamlessly with your existing paywall



We work with you to optimise the web app, maximise conversions and improve the user experience – the customisation options are endless

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At the point where your users decline to pay, they are then directed to earn their reward via Smatched – which includes multiple earning options that can be tailored to your audience

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The user then completes the action to subscribe and you earn more revenue from every activity.

Why Partner With Smatched?

  1. Open up another revenue stream
  2. Our business model incentivizes us to provide better experiences for your customers
  3. Easy set-up: no set-up costs or integration work
  4.  The Smatched web app is independent, GDPR-compliant and completely secure.
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