Unlock a New Community of Donors

Tap into the potential of gamification to boost digital fundraising efforts and cultivate donor engagements. Reach your non-profit mission, captivate potential donors, and increase donor acquisition rates.

Inspire donors to create a meaningful impact

Reach sustainable growth and accelerate your donor conversion!

Asking people to donate may seem like pestering them but gamification can capitalise on the innate human desire for challenge, and achievement without overshadowing your cause.

Utilize Gamification to Engage Donors and accelerate Fundraising for Your Non-Profit Organisations

At Smatched, our play-to-donate strategy helps non-profit businesses to increase donor engagement and retention through gamification. By turning the donation process into a fun and rewarding experience for your users, we help you to connect with your potential donors and help reach your mission.

Why Gamification?

Boost Donor Engagement

Gamification gives your donors an interactive experience to stay engaged and pitch in donations more frequently. With our solutions, you can remarkably increase donor retention rates and also attract new participants.

Elevate Donor Experience

Having a personalized gaming experience for your donor can make the donation process  enjoyable and rewarding by tailoring challenges and rewards to individual preferences. Having personalized missions or goals based on a donor’s past contributions, will make them feel like their donation is recognized.

Encouraging Repeat Donations

By creating a sense of achievement, gamification encourages repeat donations.  Whether it’s a thank-you message, a digital badge, or a progress update, these immediate rewards can make donors feel appreciated and impactful.

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