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Mobile App Monetization​​

Smatched revolutionizes the way businesses monetize and retain users. We empower businesses to generate revenue from a previously untapped user base – those users with low willingness to pay, which is approximately 90% of all traffic. Below you’ll find our approach to increasing both monetization and retention within your existing user base.

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How it works ?

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We customise an offerwall to integrate with your current mobile or web-app that integrates seamlessly with your existing paywall and user journey.

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We work with you to optimize your conversion rates and improve the user experience – the customisation options are endless.

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At the point where users decline to pay – or take actions you have identified are likely to cause them to churn –  they are given the option to ‘earn to play’ with Smatched.

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The user then completes the action on the offer wall which earns you money and allows the user to get access to their desired features in your mobile or web app.

Our presentation

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Problems we solve :

Businesses looking to monetize more of their existing user base:

  • 77% of all players convert to in-app purchases within 14 days of using the app or don’t convert at all. It is therefore a great opportunity to integrate an offer wall at a point when your users are unlikely to ever pay to play.
  • 38% of total ad revenue comes from offerwalls for games that use this feature alongside another monetization strategy. 
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Improved User Experience:

A study by App Annie found that games that use a combination of monetization models have a 50% higher retention rate than games that use only one monetization model. Providing your users with more choice improves the user experience.

Businesses looking to retain long-term Mobile & Web app users:

  • There is a clear retention advantage for players that converted on offerwalls. Their likelihood of continuing to play goes up by as much as 5x when looking across day 7 (D7) to day 120 (D120). This is most notable at later stages, like at day 90 (D90) where retention for offerwall converters is 14%, while other players are below 3%.
  • 92% of game users say they are more likely to keep playing a game if they have multiple ways to earn in-game currency.
Businesses looking to retain long term Mobile and Web app users
In-app purchases cap revenue potential

In-app purchases cap revenue potential:

Smatched is proven to increase the percentage of your user base that is currently monetized by 3x.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smatched, as a Germany-based company, provides a unique and customizable approach to user monetization through its independent, modular platform that hosts diverse offerings while ensuring stringent EU regulatory compliance, superior data hosting, and advanced incentivization techniques, thereby delivering a more engaging, reliable, and beneficial solution than many alternatives.

Smatched has customised web apps for Gameforge and Pockethost. Our differentiator is that we customise maps for specifically to fit the needs of the customer-base of our partner. With Gameforge this meant helping to monetise customers who have a lower willingness to pay. We provided an earn to play model, helped them to increase the monetisation of their user base by 3x and added a considerable MRR without eating into their existing revenue generation efforts.

We offer a revenue sharing model (70-30), we take no money up front. You can trial Smatched on your mobile or web app to see how effective it is for converting & retaining your audience. This provides our partners with the information they need to see the value we add value to their business and to understand that we don’t eat into your existing revenue.

Smatched commits to 24/7 customer service for your users & to continuously optimizing the app to improve the user experience and your ability to increase monetisation. This is what makes Smatched such a quality partner.

An ideal customer for Smatched would be any company that has a user-base that you need monetized. Typically, this is best achieved with companies that monetize through microtransactions of a few dollars but we also work with companies to understand their users and apply innovative, user-friendly strategies to generate additional revenue through ads, market research, and app testing while also enhancing user engagement and retention by offering redeemable in-game rewards etc.

Data Privacy Regulations: As a German-based company, Smatched would be fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which provides stringent guidelines on data privacy. This would mitigate legal risks for EU companies concerned about data protection;

Localized Customer Support: A German-based company like Smatched is likely to have multilingual support including major European languages, offering a better customer service experience for EU clients;

Ease of Business: Doing business within the EU tends to be more straightforward due to common laws and business practices, removing the need for understanding and complying with foreign business laws;

Same Time Zone: Being in the same or nearby time zone greatly facilitates communication and responsiveness;

Economic Area: As Germany is part of the European Single Market, it simplifies business transactions, reducing bureaucratic and tax obstacles related to international trade;

Data Hosting: Having all data hosting in Germany not only complies with EU data regulations but may also provide quicker server response times for EU-based companies and their users;

Trust and Reputation: Germany has a strong reputation for its engineering and technology products, which could foster trust and confidence in Smatched’s services;

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