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Smatchen Starting Screen figma 1
Smatchen Starting Screen figma 1
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Different Survey Types

Depending on your time you can choose between surveys of different length and payouts.

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Smatched Lucky Bash

Each survey you complete increases your chances of winning an extra large reward on that day.

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Compare Your Opinion

Find out how your opinion on certain topics differs from other users.

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Qualification Questions

The more questions you have answered the better the chances you qualify for more surveys.

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Friends invite

Every friend you invite increases your chances for the "Smatched lucky bash" and provides additional earnings.


Lucrative rewards everywhere and at any time

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Get the highest rewards

Through our proprietary technology you are able to get the best payouts.

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Never run out of tasks

With Smatched you will be able to cash out on your data 24/7.

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Get extra rewards

Receive extra rewards every single day by participating in our "Smatched lucky bash".

Get what you deserve

Get our app and we’ll work relentlessly to provide you the best possibilities to monetize your data.

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How It Works

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Answer short surveys or rate short videos

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Get Rewarded

Earn coins with every survey or video you complete

choose reward

Choose A Reward

Get amazing rewards for the coins you've earned

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Chase the luck

Show up everyday to participate in the "Smatched lucky bash" for even larger rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

We are approved and funded by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg as well as the L-Bank. 

You can simply go into our shop and redeem them there for a wide range of vouchers.

Your Coins will be transferred to your account once a transaction got approved by our partners which usually happens instantly but can vary. 

That depends on the country you access the app from and can strongly vary. In Germany you should get the first reward in less than 1 hour. 

We are working with several reowned data privacy lawyers and GDPR conform tools and partners on securing your data and offering your data only in an anonymized form to our partners to better match you with the right surveys and ads.

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