Newspaper Publishing Industry​

Nowadays the newspaper publishing industry faces numerous challenges that threaten its sustainability. The availability of free online news options, the fragmentation of news types and channels, and the emergence of syndicated news businesses like Medium and Substack all contribute to these pressing issues.

What you can do to overcome these challenges and increase revenue?

Smatched can help you

Empowering publishers: unlocking new audiences

Smatched presents a game-changing solution that empowers publishers in the online media space to tap into an entirely new audience. By integrating Smatched into their business model, newspaper publishers can revolutionize their revenue streams and drive growth.

Expanding revenue streams: give readers more choice

Only around 10% of readers are willing to pay for online news subscriptions. This untapped market represents a significant opportunity for the industry, to capture this potential revenue, publishers must provide readers with alternatives to traditional subscription models. Smatched offers a compelling solution.

Unlock the power of offerwalls: monetize and engage

Offerwalls are a proven strategy for monetizing online content. By leveraging Smatched’s offerwall solution, publishers can increase their revenue and attract new readers. This approach allows publishers to monetize their content in a way that is more accessible and appealing to readers, fostering increased engagement and loyalty.

Boosting subscription rates 3x higher

Smatched is a platform designed to increase subscription rates in the online news industry. By incorporating an offerwall into their subscription model, publishers can offer readers the opportunity to earn their subscription by completing offers or surveys.

Seamless integration
with Smatched Web-App

Smatched offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for both publishers and readers. Integrating Smatched into website is effortless for publishers and readers can quickly complete offers or surveys to earn their subscription fee.

The platform ensures that offers and surveys are relevant and tailored to each reader’s interests, maximizing completion rates and engagement.

Embrace change, ensure sustainability

The newspaper publishing industry must provide readers with more choices to drive revenue growth and sustainability. By incorporating an offerwall into their subscription model using Smatched, publishers can unlock new revenue streams, enhance user experiences, and gain valuable data-driven insights.

Embracing this strategy enables online news publishers to monetize their content effectively, boost engagement and loyalty, and secure their position in the digital age.

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