Creative Revenue Streams for Nonprofits

The nonprofit industry is faced with the challenge of converting potential supporters into paying donors. By exploring creative revenue streams, you can differentiate your organization and motivate people to donate in impactful ways. Diversifying your donation options can significantly increase engagement and donor acquisition rates.

Motivating people to donate. Strategies that make a difference.

We have found that implementing alternative monetary donor acquisition strategies increases donor conversion by 3x.

One of the reasons why potential donors may not give monetarily is that they may not have the financial means to give.

Supporters may be willing to donate their time, skills or knowledge instead of or in addition to a monetary donation.

Donor Retention Strategies

Effective donor retention strategies are based on providing more choices to your supporters. To foster lasting relationships with your supporters, give them the option to earn your organization donations by carrying out surveys via your weekly or monthly newsletter – rather than just encouraging them to give with their own money.

Unlocking free resources for Nonprofits

Smatched provides free resources for nonprofits looking to increase monetization for their organization and a comprehensive offer wall web-app solution customized for each nonprofit with a simple technical integration that is absolutely free.

Unlock with Smatched a completely new donor audience – the 77% of supporters who don’t donate monetarily. Just by offering alternative ways to contribute, nonprofits can engage more supporters and increase the impact of their mission.

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