Boost Monetization. Retain Users.

Metered paywalls have an average conversion rate of just 0.36%. Smatched builds customized ‘earn to play’ offerwalls that boost monetization on your mobile app or website and helps you retain users by offering more choice.

App Monetization Platform
Monetization model

Smatched provides an alternative Subscription Model.

Paywalls are a great revenue option for many businesses but unfortunately, making users pay means your revenue potential is capped. Businesses that offer more than one monetization model retain 50% more users. What if your users could earn their way past a paywall without having to open their wallet?

Why partner with Smatched?

How it works ?

Step 1

We integrate via API into your mobile app or website to integrate seamlessly with your existing monetization model.

Step 2

We work with you to optimize and maximise conversions to improve the overall user experience – customization increases conversions by an average of 3x

Step 3

Users are funneled to Smatched as an option after not converting and are then given the opportunity to earn their reward through an offerwall – which includes multiple earning options.

Step 4

The user then completes the action to earn you more revenue and the added options increases returning users by 100% on average.

Revenue Sharing Model​

We have a profit sharing model so there is no monthly cost. This means there is no risk on your end because we make our money the same way you do.
We are constantly working with our clients to optimize the user experience of their customer base and this model has proven very successful for increasing monetization and retention.

Revenue Sharing Model​

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