Tapjoy vs. Smatched: A Comprehensive Comparison in 2023

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Description: Explore the benefits of Tapjoy Offerwall and its comparison with Smatched in 2023. Learn how Tapjoy operates and discover Smatched as a potential alternative. Get insights into their features, pros and cons, pricing, and make an informed choice.


Table of content

  1. What Is Tapjoy and How Does It Work?
  2. Pros of Using Tapjoy
  3. Cons of Using Tapjoy
  4. How Does Smatched Compare to Tapjoy?
  5. Conclusion: Tapjoy vs. Smatched
What Is Tapjoy and How Does It Work?

Tapjoy is a versatile advertising and monetization platform designed to assist mobile app developers in effectively monetizing their user base, especially those who may not typically make in-app purchases. Central to Tapjoy’s approach is its offer wall solution, which presents users with a curated selection of tasks in exchange for virtual currencies. These virtual currencies can later be redeemed for premium in-app content. Additionally, Tapjoy excels in distributing applications seamlessly and capturing real-time data for strategic advertising campaigns.

Pros of Using Tapjoy
  • Ad Variety: Tapjoy offers a wide range of ad types, including full-page integrated ads, banners, videos, and direct responses.
  • Diverse App Portfolio: As part of Iron Source, Tapjoy provides access to a vast array of apps for in-app rewards and content.
  • Fast Feedback: Real-time reporting facilitates better insights into user engagement and app performance.

Cons of Using Tapjoy

  • Unsatisfactory Customer Support: Some users have reported issues with missing rewards and registration problems, leading to negative reviews.
  • Confusing Branding: Tapjoy’s marketing targets both customers and users, resulting in unclear branding and messaging.
  • User Security Concerns: Certain Tapjoy apps have been flagged as unsafe by consumer protection agencies due to user data tracking and deceptive practices.

How Does Smatched Compare to Tapjoy?

Smatched offers an innovative ad monetization solution that prioritizes user and developer satisfaction. Users can earn rewards by engaging in customizable tasks like surveys and video-watching. Smatched operates on a revenue-sharing model, with 70% allocated to your organization and 30% to Smatched. This pricing structure highlights Smatched’s commitment to your success, as we tailor offer walls uniquely for each partner.


Smatched stands out by offering:


  • No Upfront Costs: We do not impose any upfront fees and provide free demonstrations for a risk-free engagement.
  • Insights and Customer Support: Smatched offers user engagement insights and top-notch customer support.
  • Data Integrity and Transparency: Our platform is designed for accessibility and transparency, ensuring data integrity and value.

Conclusion: Tapjoy vs. Smatched

While both Tapjoy and Smatched offer unique ad monetization solutions, Smatched distinguishes itself with its revenue-sharing model, commitment to customization, and focus on data integrity and transparency. Smatched’s risk-free engagement approach and user-centric features make it a compelling alternative to Tapjoy in 2023. 


Choose Smatched today for a seamless experience for developers, advertisers, and users.

Customizable Offerwall
Specific Customer Segmentation
Web App
Mobile App
Revenue share, no upfront cost
Free trial
Fast and Constructive Customer Support
No Setup fee

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