Revolutionizing Website Monetization

Subscription-based business models have become the standard way to drive user-generated revenue.

However, implementing a paywall introduces a barrier between your product or service and the consumer – with only about 10% of users on average willing to pay for what’s behind your wall.

How to monetize Web Traffic more effectively with Smatched

Our platform is the answer for users who have low willingness to pay upfront, providing them with an opportunity to earn their way to valuable content without the need for credit cards while you still make money from website traffic.

Smatched offer a solution that empowers users to access your premium content by completing surveys and sharing their opinions.

Users receive rewards, vouchers, tokens and exclusive access to your premium content, in return.

Why choose Smatched for Website Monetization?

We don’t interrupt your existing business model — we complement it. Smatched seamlessly integrates with your monetization strategy, offering an additional avenue for revenue generation.
With our innovative approach, you can engage a broader audience, unlock new streams of revenue and enhance user satisfaction.

Discover the best offerwall Website Solution

We build custom web-apps for our clients that build directly into their website architecture and integrate seamlessly into their current monetization approach.

You can seamlessly incorporate a way for your users to earn their way past your paywalls by answering surveys or testing apps on our customized offerwall.

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